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Private Yoga Classes

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a year and a half ago. For the first year as the pain became worse and worse I moved less and less. But as I learned about my condition I knew that wasn’t the answer. I needed to move and exercise my body. Yoga seemed to be a good choice but I had tried it before with a DVD and in a few group classes and they aggravated, not lessened my pain. Despite my skepticism, I scheduled a private lesson with Melissa at Yoga Junction. I am so glad I did!  I will never forget the euphoric feeling I had that day after my first practice. I had moved! And it felt good! I have continued taking private practices with Melissa first once, then twice a week for more than six months and believe that it is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time, even before fibromyalgia took over my life. Melissa knows the human body so well. Each practice she tailors to my specific needs and can easily change something should I have a particularly bad day or a specific pain that I don’t want to worsen. I leave my practices feeling stronger, able to move more easily, energized yet more peaceful and nourished in my body and mind.”

—Laurie Norman

“I was very new to yoga when I started privates with Melissa.  I was uncomfortable going to larger classes, as I felt I couldn’t keep up and wasn’t sure I knew the poses.  After a few weeks working with Melissa, I felt I had already built a good foundation of knowledge of the poses, and gained strength.  After a few months of work with her, I am very confident in classes and in my practice.  She was able to help me lose weight, tone up after having a baby, and really increase my strength and flexibility.  The one on one attention that you get in a private lesson with Melissa allows you to advance very quickly in your practice.  Melissa’s compassion, focus and expertise in yoga have really helped me appreciate both the mental and physical benefits that yoga can deliver.”

—Carie Whalen

Yoga Birth Workshop

“The Yoga Birthing workshop taught us how to apply simple relaxation techniques and familiar yoga poses to bring inner peace, strength and confidence to the birthing experience.”

“My husband and I loved Melissa’s yoga birthing workshop, not only was the information she provided helpful, but taking the course helped my husband connect to the birthing process and with me. You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to take the class, although my husband and I both practice yoga regularly, we walked away from this workshop with something different, the workshop provided us with a way to connect with the birth process as a couple and gave my husband a chance to feel more connected with my pregnancy, the upcoming birth, and our baby. We especially loved how the birthing class taught us to work together to experience a more relaxed state while laboring.  When we gave birth, my husband said that he felt prepared because of this workshop, he had so many tools to try to help me with the labor.  I was so happy to have so many different ideas for laboring and breathing, it was all so helpful.  I would recommend this class to everyone, whether you are new to yoga or practice daily.”

—Heather Forrest

“We learned new strategies for working together as a couple, making my husband more of an active participant in the birthing experience rather than just a witness and cheerleader.

The carefully selected material in the Yoga Birthing workshop handbook provided just the right combination of strategies – both physical and emotional – for embracing the birthing experience. During the anxious days leading up to our due date we found ourselves referring back to many of the inspirational passages in the handbook to help calm nerves and provide focus.”

—Nicole Wobus

Yoga Classes

“Thank you for making a difference in my life. I started attending your prenatal class almost a year ago, and I know it helped me have a healthier, happier, and more peaceful pregnancy. I take what I’ve learned in your class into my everyday life, including my midwifery practice.”

—Amy Alderson

Childrens  & Teens’ Yoga

“We were very pleased by Melissa’s performance at Louisville Middle School. I am speaking for Jenn and myself when I say that this was a great experience for the students and teachers. We are grateful to have made this connection with you and hopefully we can continue this next year.”

—P.E. Teacher, Louisville Middle School